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Apr 2017
Eduard Sukharev
Apr 23 2017 10:49
@zoryanaulia_twitter i believe this might help
@zoryanaulia_twitter when i first encountered the need to customize the output of test runner and i was told to write my own output formatter i, too, stumbled at this and abandned the idea as i had no slightest idea how to do it. But much later, when i wanted to create custom formatter for Allure test tool I had more knowledge to implement one.
Apr 23 2017 22:15
@sakonachhoeurng Hi, I just saw your response now, sorry for the delay but many thanks! :smile:
Apr 23 2017 22:21
Hi all. I need to test some javascript in the browser. Basically, inside the form I have a button to dynamically add textfields and select fields to the form. I want to write a test for that but Behat/Mink can't find the Add button. Any ideas? Thanks.