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May 2017
Bruno Wowk
May 16 2017 00:01
@uuf6429 you can use a imports list inside your main behat.yml:
    - '/code/contrib/behat.contrib.yml'
Manoj Kumar D
May 16 2017 04:20
@SamyOteroGlez In the login page there is addition captcha. For example solve Math question 3+5 and answer should be entered in the field as 8.Each time when the browser gets refreshed the Math question changes. How can we implement in this case.
@SamyOteroGlez There are basically three fields present in my login page.The three fields are username,password, and math question.And the math question changes each time the browsers opens.
Christian Sciberras
May 16 2017 07:40
@bwowk thanks! That should work well for me.