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Jun 2017
Adam Copley
Jun 07 2017 12:59
Hey everyone! Does anyone know a reasonably good resource/guide for setting up atlassian bamboo to perform behat tests. Or can offer their own experiences and recommendations of what the test process should look like. I'm mainly concerned with initial setup, whether the code should be tested on the bamboo server or a remote host.
Hedoux Tony
Jun 07 2017 13:37
Hello everyone :) Is there a way to use a step by step debug mode from my IDE with Behat?
I have googling a bit and the only solutions offered seems to log data
Eduard Sukharev
Jun 07 2017 21:14
@TonyHedoux_twitter yes, you can setup xdebug as you normally would for your php application debugging. PhpStorm works just fine and sees both Behat and SUT debug breakpoints.