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Aug 2017
Aug 10 2017 16:41
hello, i would like to know how I can integrate behat into my project (usign slim framework) to handle properly the request and response. Thanks
Aug 10 2017 17:06
well forget, I have found the solution
Aug 10 2017 20:27
Thank you: @SamyOteroGlez @Grummfy !
Aug 10 2017 21:09
anyone have a tips to get a container injected inside a context class?
Bit Wombat
Aug 10 2017 23:31
@Grummfy I think that's my problem too - I've got a ApplicationTestCase class from a Zend Framework test module that basically runs the application and gives me a bunch of asserts to use. Its what my contexts need to do their work. But until I find a way to inject things into a context class, my context classes have to inherit from the ApplicationTestCase... meaning I can only ever have one context per suite. This limits my ability to reuse code (and remove duplication).