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Sep 2017
Christophe Coevoet
Sep 28 2017 07:47
maybe you don't have the GeckoDriver available in your PATH, and so selenium cannot use Firefox
in Selenium 3, the Firefox driver is not built into Selenium itself
it is a separate package (same than how ChromeDriver works since years)
Hedoux Tony
Sep 28 2017 08:05
@stof Thx for your help, but the GeckoDriver was in the right place, in the Path. The issue was the name of Capabilities. I used Firefox instead of firefox.
It is quite surprising that the Selenium drivers is not throwing an exception in this case and fallbacks to default Chrome.
It is maybe the difference between "RequiredCapabilities" and "DesiredCapabilities"
even if I do not see so far how to put it in behat.yml file
Christophe Coevoet
Sep 28 2017 10:46
well, I don't know whether selenium has a way to make it fail in this case