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Nov 2017
Nov 06 2017 15:23
@panos5 did you have troubles with Behat, Selenium Server 3.6.x and Firefox?
Or what am I doing wrong?
Every test will fail, the HTML is looking good that I get, build already some sleeps in it. But still it's not possible to click on a item. Even when the wait is around 5 seconds.
Abdul Wahhab Qureshi
Nov 06 2017 16:29
@gvanduijn Everyone probably has problems with that combo. Are you testing functionality that requires javascript? If not use Goutte - reliable and faster. If you are, then this wait issue you've just mentioned - if its consistently failing 3 times in a row, that would signal towards a real issue. Your best best is to produce a screenshot on failure and interrogate that. It may also be that your item is covered by something else or is outside the viewport. Hope this helps.