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Nov 2017
Abdul Wahhab Qureshi
Nov 21 2017 09:43
@admiral_husker_twitter You probably want a step definition to create a request on the fly for you. Something like 'Given I have a request created by user "A"'. Then use this in your scenarios where you actually test this out. In the background just write the code to insert the "request" into the database so the request can be used for the actions you've mentioned in the scenarios.
Scenario: User "C" can validate the request once
    Given I am logged as "C"
    And I have a request created by User "A"
    When I validate request from "A"
    Then I should see "Request from A validated"
    And I should not see request from "A"
Nov 21 2017 16:57
Hi there, I am trying to mock an third party API call (authentication) when running my behat tests. Does anyone have seen an online doc explaining that ? I could'nt find anything on the official doc