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Dec 2017
Waiting on Smash
Dec 13 2017 14:07 UTC

Hello :). I'm discovering Behat and I seem to have an issue with Google. I'm following Grafikart's tutorial ( h ttps:// ) and to explain how to use the tag @javascript , he does something like this
"Scenario: Search
Given I am on the homepage
When I fill in "lst-ib" with "Grafikart"
And I wait for 1 seconds
Then I should see "" "

The fill in's field here is my Google's id but no page is opened when I trigger it. Any idea why? I have this error :
When I fill in "lst-ib" with "Grafikart" # WebContext::fillField()
Form field with id|name|label|value|placeholder "lst-ib" not found. (Behat\Mink\Exception\ElementNotFoundException)