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Mar 2018
Mar 21 2018 14:52
@ciaranmcnulty Thanks for the suggestion. I'll certainly look into this.
Ben Plummer
Mar 21 2018 15:19

Hi all, I'm working on a project that will follow DDD with layers and patterns but I also want to use BDD for acceptance testing outside-in.

With this approach, I wondered whether the Behat scenarios would mainly concentrate on the UI? And what the best practices are?

I've read that ideally we don't want to couple scenarios to a UI that could easily change but I'm not sure what the alternative would be when I want to write scenarios in a TDD fashion before any code/layers/patterns exist. I imagine it'd be quite difficult to write scenarios for DDD related code that does not exist yet whereas the UI is more predictable.

Paul Gibbs
Mar 21 2018 17:25
Does the BeforeScenario event hook trigger before Background steps, or only actuall Scenarios? I'm looking for something that fires before scenarios and backgrounds, but not BeforeFeature (can't use static function).