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Jun 2018
Grzegorz Kaszuba
Jun 29 2018 22:12
Hi guys. I just can't get this working on two different machines: composer require behat/behat --dev, after installation I try ./bin/behat and I get this:
uirapuru@uirapuru-tower:/var/www/new-calendar$ ./vendor/bin/behat

In ContainerBuilder.php line 1001:

  You have requested a non-existent service "cli.output".
any ideas?
if it does matter:
uirapuru@uirapuru-tower:/var/www/new-calendar$ php -v
PHP 7.2.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (cli) (built: May  9 2018
Grzegorz Kaszuba
Jun 29 2018 22:29
ok, I downgraded to 3.4.1 and it works ok