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Jul 2018
Check24 ZZV
Jul 26 2018 11:25
Hey, I am trying to use a DI container in Behat Contexts. At first, I used a ContextInitializer and called a setDIContainer() method, which works, but is messy and uses a lot of boilerplate code.
What I am now trying is using the ContainerBuilder that is passed to the extension, and filling it with my own services.yaml
Parameters work ok, but services are ignored.
Any ideas?
Check24 ZZV
Jul 26 2018 12:06
:-O Ha, what? You can just paste your services.yaml in the behat.yaml? That is so cool!
Why is that not documented anywhere? I had to debug Behat for an hour now to stumble across that feature after several hours of trying to find other ways.
I will write a blog post on this now (german, though), maybe save some other guys a few hours of searching.