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Oct 2014
Oct 07 2014 13:11
Hello..I have added ic 7407..
I am now writing example document for it
Also there are some mistakes in alll the documents,as raghav sir said.. now we have to use set_IC instead of setIC..similarly for draw ic and set output..i am changing it now in all documents if you all agree..
Oct 07 2014 15:08
This message was deleted
(Venkat) Raghav, Rajagopalan
Oct 07 2014 19:29
Hi @Rapternmn Check the travis for more info when your test fails ... ( click on the red x mark )
BTW when I checked looks like the failure is due to random fails due to the analog buffer ...
I've just restarted the build ... I'm not sure if you are authorized to restart it by yourself ... If you can try restarting when such an error pops up .. otherwise you can restart the build by pushing in a dummy commit, say by cleaning up some minor issue with your last commit and squashing this with the previous commit ... and do a push -f ... This will initiate a new build ( new test )
Oct 07 2014 20:15
Thank you!