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Nov 2014
Nov 05 2014 11:00
Hello Everyone.
I had a talk with @coder006 (Ambar mehrotra) and i asked him what could i learn new so that i can utilize my winter vacation and do some substantial contribution.
He asked me to post here and ask whether Django or Tornado should be used to make a web application for Binpy,just like a chrome application called Gilffy.
I have started learning django now,i have a few weeks remaining before my final exams
So please let me know whether Django/tornado should be used..
Or is there any other things that mentors would like me to focus on?
(Venkat) Raghav, Rajagopalan
Nov 05 2014 16:51
Hi ! I am a little busy with my exams now ... will get back to you by end of the month !
Meanwhile I don't think you should concentrate on coding stuff ... look for libraries with similar theme ... like pyeda ... myhdl... pyboolean ... etc ... see what we can do to remove / introduce to binpy ( I feel we must trim down a lot .. the lesser and more complete features we have, the better and more useful our lib will be ... )
(Venkat) Raghav, Rajagopalan
Nov 05 2014 18:19
@debugger22 pm !