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Sep 2015
Himanshu Mishra
Sep 26 2015 12:28
@salil93 Yeah running well.
(Venkat) Raghav, Rajagopalan
Sep 26 2015 20:26

@yashu-seth Welcome!! Could you take a look at myhdl / pyeda and see how we can be complement / supplement them?

@salil93 How are we headed...? We can go the MyHDL way or PyEDA way! I emailed pyeda's author who was willing to help us incase we needed any help from him... Going pyeda way would make us more like a nice library for algorithms and myhdl way would be more towards simulations and hdl support I think... there are good usecases for pyeda and myhdl...

@debugger22 @OrkoHunter Any suggestions... can someone take a good look at pyeda / myhdl?
(Venkat) Raghav, Rajagopalan
Sep 26 2015 20:36
(I personally like MyHDL way ;) We would need people to read through their code base and use ideas to make a better job over here, if possible!!)
one other way is to act as a wrapper for spice which would require a lot of technical knowledge regarding simulation and stuff :)