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Aug 2015
Ryan Goulden
Aug 22 2015 08:29
Yo, I made the pin stuff work again. Maybe. I'm not 100% sure what "working" looks like :|
In case someone wants to check, here's osx + windows PIN outputs for /bin/ls (you'll need my PR to load them, minor modifications to
ugh gitter sux at file upload
Ryan Goulden
Aug 22 2015 08:34
Tim Becker
Aug 22 2015 23:27
Has anyone ever run into qira's qemu segfaulting on 64-bit binaries that use vsyscall?
i.e. they call time()
actually, it sometimes gets SIGSEGV and sometimes gets SIGILL
Ned Williamson
Aug 22 2015 23:58
tim, do you have an example binary?