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Nov 2015
George Hotz
Nov 28 2015 06:04
6.6 will work on 6.8 i think
hmm, really you can't hook that?
Ned Williamson
Nov 28 2015 18:46
yeah apparently there is some new actions API in 6.8 which is terrible
we should probably stick to 6.6 and I'll find an api that works
the closest thing I can hook is focus/defocus of the main window which triggers name sending too often
I could keep a mapping in the plugin for address->name and only push the changes, but this still depends on knowing when individual changes are made
Actually, I mean I could try something like every time I send something to IDA I cache it in the plugin. When I go to send something if it's already in the cache, don't send it. Then when we get updates from the QIRA side just evict things from the cache if necessary
That should be fairly fast if the bottleneck is in the websockets stuff