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Repo info
Ruben de Vries
@afk11 how's the progress on the new lib going?
Thomas Kerin
@rubensayshi gonna connect to this over IRC, hopefully see more of this
pretty decent at the moment! script interpreter is coming along. have transaction building, signing, have mining (used it to create an 'airdrop' coinbase tx & block on Ribbit's coin.. lol). gotta write some classes to make it easier to access everything, but in general going ok!
Thomas Kerin
its a lot more organized than before :P
neato, hi from irc
Actually heres a funny one - so HHVM (or just travis) seems to have greater precision in some calculations. This test never used to run because gmp_rand was missing
Failed asserting that 16307.420938521 matches expected '16307.420938523983'.
Ruben de Vries
that's odd xD
Ruben de Vries
@afk11 where's that 1.1.0 tag xD - I was getting all ready to switch and then realised that the version it updated to was 1.0.6 :(
Thomas Kerin
woops - oh yeah will do that now
Thomas Kerin
playing with php bindings for bitcoin/libsecp256k1 now :D
http://www.tuxradar.com/practicalphp/20/3/0 best tutorial i've found so far. the PHP sources have a tool to create a starting point for extensions

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How can i create p2sh address with key using bitcoin-lib-php because when i create using 05 keybyte it give me wrong private key and address