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It was a mistake of mine
somebody couldn't login with their own domain so I added it to the whitelist
got it, I’m in thanks
seems like if there is any domain in the whitelist, all the other domain are blacklisted
I removed everyting on the whitelist so it should work now
Hello.I think about that maybe we should creat a OTC for the users who want to buy bch
You know in many countries OTC means the only way to buy bch
@liberkoki_twitter this gitter died as the admins were banned for posting link to their own domain name
Thank you
No problem!
Tony Rose
Anyone know if this wallet will support Bitcoin Cash, they have a really impressive feature set… https://revolut.com/r/paulv1lr
Crypto Piece
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Crypto Piece
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Shammah Chancellor
bitcoin cash
how to hardfork bitcoin?
Crypto Piece
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Michael Williams
Hello to all! I am glad i am part here...i want to let you know you can now double your Ripple and Litecoins with us on www.shopzoro.us
See you there! Thanks
fuck shopzoro.us it is a total piece of shit website. don't ever go that that shit
David Bogusch
In 8 days a new exchange is coming! :-) Low fees and actually I hope so... a high rance of tokens/coins!! :) http://upcoin.com/?ID=16c65f24
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Riot-bot Hi there and welcome to Riot!
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How do I deposit Bitcoin Cash?

Send Bitcoin Cash to the deposit address on your account page! If you don't have any BCC, but do have other cryptos you use Shapeshift.io, Changelly or coinswitch.co.

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Crypto Piece
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any btc trader in Australia?
i am integrating trading view chart library where i can get live update api for bitcoin all coins data
here anyone need hosting by bitcoin payment ?

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rashid ali
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My number phone +447405988879
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king regards...
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