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Daniel Clough
[gitter] <michelvankessel> yes
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> to blackcoin more
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> ?
[gitter] <michelvankessel> dump in the old wallet
[gitter] <michelvankessel> dumpwallet C:\Users\jubel\AppData\Roaming\BlackCoin\keys.txt
[gitter] <michelvankessel> import in the new wallet
[gitter] <michelvankessel> it is important that you understand the steps
[gitter] <michelvankessel> you run the old wallet to dump the private keys from the wallet.dat file into a keys.txt file
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> I don't need to sync the old wallet?
[gitter] <michelvankessel> then you close the old wallet and start the new wallet
[gitter] <michelvankessel> no need to sync
[gitter] <michelvankessel> just dump the keys into a file
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> ah ok sir
[gitter] <michelvankessel> use the file you have to use to import the private keys into the new wallet.dat file
[gitter] <michelvankessel> so the wallet.dat file is very important
[gitter] <michelvankessel> please make sure you have a backup stored somewhere.. safe
Daniel Clough
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> in the old wallet .. in archive to dump?
[gitter] <michelvankessel> you run the old wallet to dump the private keys from the wallet.dat file into a keys.txt file
[gitter] <michelvankessel> did you make a backup of the wallet.dat file?
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> it is that it is synchronized automacally
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> tha old wallet
[discord] <michelvankessel> synchronized to where ?
[gitter] <michelvankessel> synchronized to where ?
Daniel Clough
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> appear method not fund ( code 32601)
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter>

Dump C:\Users\jubel\AppData\Roaming\BlackCoin\keys.txt
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> so?
[gitter] <michelvankessel> I have no issue what you are doing
[gitter] <michelvankessel> first read this article please https://blackcoin.nl/dump-and-import-wallet-private-keys/
[gitter] <michelvankessel> all commands are mentioned there
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> ok sir
Daniel Clough
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> I want to thank you for your help and instructions .. thanks for your patience and thanks to your instructions I was able to import my old wallet solving all the obstacles .. thank you very much GOD bless you
[gitter] <michelvankessel> good!~
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> see you
[gitter] <michelvankessel> you are welcome
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> thanks very much
Daniel Clough
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> hi.. one question
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> the staking is automatic in blackcoin more?
[telegram] <michelvankessel> same as in old wallet
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> is it enabled by the user himself?
[telegram] <michelvankessel> both old and new wallet have default staking
[telegram] <michelvankessel> if the wallet is encrypted you need to unlock the wallet
[telegram] <michelvankessel> if the wallet is not encrypted, staking will start automatically
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> I appreciate the truth is that until today I received the coins to the old wallet and until now I have managed to import the wallet
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> ah unlock
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> if I have password
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> if I close it by default it crashes?
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> in the new
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <michelvankessel> old and new wallets are the same
[telegram] <michelvankessel> same functionalities
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> ah ok thanks ..see you