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Daniel Clough
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> So in short, I think eventually an exchange would've made that mistake, to prevent it for others
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> And nobody understood how under the hood staking worked at the time.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Good thing it happened so early.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Which provided a very valuable lesson to Mintpal, Bittrex and many others
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Ryan from Bittrex used to work with Mintpal, iirc, or was one of the co-founders.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> So, if any of you want to reach out to them, its Ryan at Bittrex.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Mintpal was very VERY loved. Its a shame they sold out to the Dogecoin guy.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Oh fuck I forgot all about it.
[discord] <zaphod42> that stuff feels like lifetimes ago
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> The guy that funded my trip to China who is now in prison for being a serial rapist
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Ryan Gentle or whatever
[discord] <bigstupidtree> hahaha I wish i hadn't turned a blind eye to this tech in 2016 when I first read about it
[discord] <bigstupidtree> tbh i was a kiddo back then
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> I was ... 22 ... ? Kiddo, compared to basically everyone else at the time.
[discord] <bigstupidtree> hahaha i was still in school
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Oh, you guys want to hear something neat?
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> I accepted a position at NEAR and Aleph Zero
Daniel Clough
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Aleph Zero is made by some old Blackcoin dudes
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Not yet out
[discord] <michelvankessel> https://near.org/ ?
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> (Sorry not here to spam about projects, just its neat) I'm only doing a component for NEAR as it pays well, but thats about it.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Yeah
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Independent contractor on that one.
[discord] <bigstupidtree> i heard about near protocol, it looks like quite a good idea
[discord] <michelvankessel> congrats!
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Yeah, its better, I will say that. I've never been a fan of account based systems
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> I think Aleph Zero will be more exciting, mostly because we are building it up from the ground up and its the results of the PhD researchers that started the company.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> That and they are old Blackcoin community guys that I kept in touch with over the years.
[discord] <michelvankessel> sounds good!
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Its like next level PoS, addresses stuff that I didn't like.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Brings staking back to the user with high through put of transactions
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Would be able to stake again on a RPI on a modern high capacity blockchain. I think thats the most exciting thing about it.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Its not "Nakamoto" consensus either.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Its totally fresh
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> So, basically everything is Nakamoto consensus except ... I think IOTA?
Daniel Clough
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> There is no linear chain in this, and its not a DAG like IOTA.
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> Working on it feels like 2014 again, its quite exciting really but, still early.
[discord] <bigstupidtree> this is genuinely so wholesome haha I am so glad I found this
[discord] <bigstupidtree> I genuinely found blackcoin because I was researching on plutus.it's founder, found he had the lazycoins exchange in 2014 and went on a webarchive to look at all the altcoins
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> again not here to spam about projects that I work on which is why I don't mention it lol
This message was deleted
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> I posted the link in spam, for anyone curious
Daniel Clough
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> NEAR is going to be publishing a some 10 + page thing about me, has some early Blackcoin tales
Daniel Clough
[discord] <bigstupidtree> that's brilliant! do send a link once it's published
Daniel Clough
[discord] <gnuzum> You're thinking of moolah. He basically ran mintpal to do the ground cause he did not know how exchange works and he did not have competent staff to transfer wallets from old servers to new servers.
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <AlleyGator> Radix also,
Brand new.....Cerberus (re @BlackcoinBridge_bot: [discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)>So, basically everything is Nakamoto consensus except ... I think IOTA?)
Daniel Clough
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> He also lost all Blackcoin on their exchange, exit scammed, got thrown in jail for being a serial rapist
This message was deleted
[discord] <joshuajbouw (gritt-n-auld)> https://news.bitcoin.com/ryan-kennedy-rapist/