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Daniel Clough
[telegram] <0000> Azerbaijan
[telegram] <michelvankessel> I don't speak that language..sorry 😞
[telegram] <michelvankessel> but go to google and type "Bitcoin Black"
[telegram] <0000> thank you
[telegram] <michelvankessel> you are welcome. Good luck
[telegram] <0000> spammed
[telegram] <0000> fake coinblack
[telegram] <michelvankessel> 😞
[telegram] <0000> 😞😞
[telegram] <michelvankessel> sorry
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <0000> Whatsap is
[telegram] <0000> ?
Daniel Clough
[discord] <michelvankessel> thank you community for the donations! Very much appreciated!
[discord] <michelvankessel> great way for getting rid of your dust 😉
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <0000> Noo
[telegram] <SamJamm> Yeees
[telegram] <0000> No no
[telegram] <SamJamm> Ye ye
[telegram] <AlleyGator> (re @0000: Noo)
[telegram] <0000> 😂
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <michelvankessel> Final warning (re @AlleyGator: )
[telegram] <michelvankessel> Lol..not you (re @michelvankessel: Final warning)
[telegram] <michelvankessel> You..final warning (re @0000: No no)
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <michelvankessel> although it is a bit disturbing :/ (re @AlleyGator: )
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <AlleyGator> Lol (re @michelvankessel: although it is a bit disturbing :/)
[telegram] <michelvankessel> 🤣
[telegram] <AlleyGator> Is kinda odd init?
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <Swissie> (re @AlleyGator: Is kinda odd init?)
Daniel Clough
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> hello i need help
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> I can't impoprt the old wallet
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter>

dumpwallet C:\Users\jubel\AppData\Roaming\BlackCoin\keys.txt
[gitter] <michelvankessel> import into a new wallet ?
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> yes sir
[gitter] <michelvankessel> what is the error?
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> the old wallet Ican't open
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> example

dumpwallet C:\Users\jubel\AppData\Roaming\BlackCoin\keys.txt
[gitter] <michelvankessel> that is good!
[gitter] <michelvankessel> you are running the old wallet. correct ?
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> error a look data base
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> error looking block data
Daniel Clough
[gitter] <michelvankessel> when you run the new version do this:
[gitter] <michelvankessel> importwallet C:\Users\jubel\AppData\Roaming\BlackCoin\keys.txt
[gitter] <michelvankessel> so close the old wallet..and run the new wallet
[gitter] <michelvankessel> Blackcoin More v2.13.2.7
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> blackcoin more is new
[gitter] <michelvankessel> yes
[gitter] <michelvankessel> correct
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> tha's wjhere I'm trying to carry my old wallet
[gitter] <michelvankessel> image.png
[gitter] <CaballerosMMM_twitter> one moment please