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Daniel Clough
[telegram] <cryptoblackcoin> too much info 😊
[telegram] <cryptoblackcoin> not going to read it..sorry
Daniel Clough
[discord] <Pana> No problem mate. Info is there.
Thanks for being!
[discord] <Pana> wrapped BLK info is now updated on BSC scan. https://bscscan.com/token/0xd2cDfD5d26dfA1D11116B9ED7DBd7C6B88C6e1D3
Soon will be on Blackcoin.org too. 💪
[discord] <Pana> Now, you can buy and sell wrapped BLK on PancakeSwap direct from your BSC wallet.
[discord] <Pana> Thank you @michelvankessel 💪
Daniel Clough
[discord] <gnuzum> Just out of pure curiousity. Are you running blackcoin full node?
[telegram] <cryptoblackcoin> yes I am (re @blackcoin_bridge_bot: [discord] <gnuzum>[reply]: Just out of pure curiousity. Are you running blackcoin full node?)
Daniel Clough
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Daniel Clough
[telegram] <Raniakassa_b> Hello
[telegram] <cryptoblackcoin> Hello
[telegram] <Deril_Pana> 😄
Daniel Clough

[telegram] <Sheba> 🌐WebPаy is a wеb3 сryрtоcurrеnсу рaymеnt gаtewаy that suppоrts сustomers and businesses.

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🔥Gооglе рlay/Аpple stоre listing on thе way

Join Wеbраy соmmunity
Telеgram: https://t.me/+n7q7IPq7ZoYyZjA1
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Daniel Clough
[telegram] <Tina5560> 我买入了5万Coti大约是1万美元,买入Coti的成本价是0.2010美元
[telegram] <Tina5560> Hello all
[telegram] <michelvankessel> hello (re @Tina5560: Hello all)
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <michelvankessel> anything you would like to discuss? (re @Tina5560: Hello all)
[telegram] <michelvankessel> or just dropping some spam
[telegram] <barrystyle> spam
[telegram] <barrystyle> im sure she was going to make you a once in a lifetime opportunity to list on their exchange for a small fee
[telegram] <michelvankessel> 🙂
[telegram] <barrystyle> how are you bro
[telegram] <michelvankessel> doing fine..thanks! how about you?
[telegram] <barrystyle> good, have not yet solved this bug, but will take another crack at it in 15 min
[telegram] <michelvankessel> I haven’t had any time to deepdive into the bug. I was able to add some logging (re @barrystyle: good, have not yet solved this bug, but will take another crack at it in 15 min)
[telegram] <michelvankessel> we noticed the issue is here:
[telegram] <michelvankessel> ```
// Verify signature
if (!VerifySignature(coinPrev, txin.prevout.hash, tx, 0, SCRIPT_VERIFY_NONE)) {
LogPrintf ("$hit-5\n");
    return state.Invalid(BlockValidationResult::BLOCK_INVALID_HEADER, "stake-verify-signature-failed", strprintf("CheckProofOfStake() : VerifySignature failed on coinstake %s", tx.GetHash().ToString()));
[telegram] <michelvankessel> probably
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <barrystyle> yeah
[telegram] <michelvankessel> but that was pre “your commit”
[telegram] <barrystyle> it fails the sigcheck
[telegram] <barrystyle> i have a feeling that this is to do with its unique sig style with the op return
[telegram] <barrystyle> because the solver would see the op return and return false immediately
[telegram] <barrystyle> which the calling routine would not expect
[telegram] <michelvankessel> I wonder why it works with the current code, and not with the new code
[telegram] <michelvankessel> I hate this shit
[telegram] <barrystyle> ie. would most likely return a nullptr as the provider
[telegram] <michelvankessel> 🙂
[telegram] <barrystyle> ahaha yer man
[telegram] <barrystyle> thats the beauty of programming
[telegram] <michelvankessel> welllllllll……you need a lot of patience
[telegram] <barrystyle> first pos conversion i wrote, it would stake fine and was compatible.. but syncing would fail randomly
[telegram] <barrystyle> took so long to figure this stuff out - was due to blocks being sent and received out of order.. what a nightmare
Daniel Clough
[telegram] <michelvankessel> we had similar issues with syncing, in the beginning
[telegram] <barrystyle> yeah
[telegram] <barrystyle> there are actually two separate problems with syncing, first is old style bitcoin with getblock (500 blocks in a bunch)
[discord] <michelvankessel> took us weeks to get it fixed
[telegram] <barrystyle> then theres the out of order problem
[telegram] <barrystyle> which is pos related