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Repo info
  • Oct 16 2019 22:20

    Bogardo on 5.2.0


  • Oct 16 2019 22:19

    Bogardo on master

    Allow raw message to have separ… Merge pull request #157 from ma… (compare)

  • Oct 16 2019 22:18

    Bogardo on master

    Laravel 6 support Merge pull request #161 from cl… (compare)

  • Jun 04 2019 12:21

    Bogardo on 5.1.0


  • Jun 04 2019 12:20

    Bogardo on master

    Update Carbon in Composer to ma… Merge pull request #152 from ch… (compare)

  • Oct 13 2018 23:00

    Bogardo on v5.0.4


  • Oct 13 2018 22:59

    Bogardo on master

    Update Response.php Update Response.php Merge pull request #147 from jn… (compare)

  • Mar 28 2018 08:19

    abbatis on master

    Add a parameter to Validator::… (compare)

  • Mar 27 2018 22:16

    abbatis on master

    fix typo replace all John Smith with Joh… Merge pull request #99 from Ama… (compare)

  • Mar 27 2018 21:34

    abbatis on master

    Update composer.json to support… Bug fix paths to provider and a… Update README to add instructio… and 2 more (compare)

  • Mar 27 2018 21:26

    abbatis on master

    Load config values from env Merge branch 'env-config' Merge pull request #111 from bu… (compare)

  • Apr 30 2017 00:25

    Bogardo on master

    Remove `new` keyword from Clien… (compare)

  • Mar 02 2017 12:33

    Bogardo on master

    Fixed typo Merge pull request #103 from Ny… (compare)

  • Mar 02 2017 12:32

    Bogardo on master

    Show proper way to create Guzzl… Merge pull request #104 from Ny… (compare)

  • Feb 15 2017 20:53

    Bogardo on v5.0.3


  • Feb 15 2017 20:34

    Bogardo on master

    Removal of app()->make() parame… Merge pull request #98 from Dem… (compare)

  • Feb 03 2017 08:34

    Bogardo on master

    Adding the ability to check the… Merge pull request #92 from jam… (compare)

  • Dec 08 2016 08:49

    Bogardo on master

    Fixing Mailgun::raw example - R… Merge pull request #90 from jam… (compare)

  • Nov 13 2016 11:01

    Bogardo on v5.0.2


  • Nov 13 2016 10:59

    Bogardo on master

    fix mailgun base URI fixed the… Merge pull request #85 from joh… (compare)

He @ddewit, Ik heb afgelopen weekend 95% afgerond (excl docs) in de nieuwe implementatie. Het enige wat ik nog moet doen is 'm Laravel 5 compatible maken, maar dat zou in de nieuwe versie een stuk makkelijker moeten zijn.
Danny de Wit
Hi @Bogardo, goed nieuws dus! :)
ETA eind deze week nog steeds haalbaar, of wordt 't nog iets uitgesteld? Zit namelijk met ongeduldige eindgebruikers etc, je kent 't wel ;)
Danny de Wit
@Bogardo, excuus voor (nogmaals) storen, maar heb je al een ETA?
Hi @ddewit, Ik heb er helaas heel erg weinig tijd voor gehad.
Ik heb inmiddels wel al een start gemaakt met de L5 branch.
Helaas heb ik het de laatste tijd gewoon erg druk, ik hoop dat ik deze week nog ergens een paar uurtjes kan vinden om eraan te werken.
Danny de Wit
Ah, okay, begrijpelijk. Dan zal ik eerst gewoon standaard L5 functionaliteit moeten gebruiken tot de L5 API klaar is ;).
Digitlimit Inc
hi Please does this package work in Laravel 5?
Ivan Zdravkov
Why when I use :
php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Bogardo\Mailgun\MailgunServiceProvider" --tag="config"
I get this messages:
Nothing to publish for tag [config]
And I not see the file config/mailgun.php
Manish Motwani
Anybody online right now?
Experiencing same error as @divanski
Using laravel 5.x
Siim Kallari
Hey, got question about laravel 4 driver, how up to date it is for current mailgun api? or should I use mailguns own lib?
Specifically if I only need to use it for querying data from mailgun (for querying events)
Chris Seckler

Hi Everyone, I am trying to run composer update to install the Mailgun package but I'm receiving this error message:

Your version of PHP, 5.5.3, is affected by CVE-2013-6420 and cannot safely perform certificate validation, we strongly suggest you upgrade.

Loading composer repositories with package information

file_put_contents(/Users/cseckler/.composer/cache/repo/https---packagist.org/packages.json): failed to open stream: Permission denied
https://packagist.org could not be fully loaded, package information was loaded from the local cache and may be out of date
Updating dependencies (including require-dev)

The "https://packagist.org/p/bogardo/mailgun%24422a8275430aa871538b6204f9bc3185fae64a1dab0e3b8a8b5afcd9b0e16843.json" file could not be downloaded (H
TTP/1.1 404 Not Found)

hi all, I am having trouble with first mailgun via Laravel 5.3 Mail facade, can anyone help? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40073893/mailgun-email-and-laravel
Hey everyone, I'm very sorry I've not been responding to any questions and issues.
I've just pushed a new release which should resolve a lot of issues for people using Laravel >=5.1.
The dependency for Guzzle has been dropped so you can configure your own HTTP Client.
It also uses the latest version of the mailgun-php library.
Martin Moscosa
anyone getting the XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://api.mailgun.net/v3/somesandbox.mailgun.org/messages. Request header field Authorization is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response. error? How do you solve?
hey everyone!
I'm trying to route inbound mails from my domain to some other receipient and/or an api endpoint to process the email
I added the MX records but it won't budge
any idea what might be going on?
I get a 550 Relaying denied error
i have question why my domain dns has been verified but is aways disable
can anybody help me
Anshul Gupta
Anshul Gupta
Hi I am using infinitfree hosting
they dont provide ssh access
how can i install the library without it
if i just copy the files, will it work
if not, I can use the api using the post request ?
hi im facing problem with sending pdf attachment.
content-type: "applicatation/pdf"
"content" :""
im not sure what should be the content
i tried base64 converted pdf content and the received pdf corrupted
Jack c
need help using mailgun with ghost
Jack c
where do i generate config file