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Repo info
    Nice clock. Simple and elegant. I may use some of the code as the basis of a small app that I'm writing.
    Only one problem with it that I can see. The 'shadows' of the hand do no stay at a constant offset from the hands. They follow the hands around. A hand pointing up has its shadow on the left and a hand pointing down has its shadow on the right. If I get around to fixing it myself, I'll post the results back. V.
    Boris Emorine
    Hi @vjosullivan,
    You're right, the shadows do not behave correctly. Please submit a pull request if you have a fix for it. It would be great to see a contribution to the project!
    I'm glad that BEMAnalogClock will help you with your app!
    Hey, first of all nice Project! One problem i encountered is a crooked hour hand every once in a while. I can't reproduce the problem 100% but here is a picture of it in action: http://i62.tinypic.com/6zvuqp.jpg
    Most likely its just the origin of the hourhand thas flawed. I used the analog clock exactly as in the example app regards!
    Boris Emorine
    Hi @eyeswideopen,
    Good catch! Would you mind opening an issue on the github's project page? It will make thing either for me to take care of it. Thanks!
    Cyril Zakka
    Hey! So I'm just getting started with App Development, and the first project on my list is to create an analog clock application; I googled around and found your project (really beautiful btw). Anyway, from what I can tell, your app draws the minute/hour hands. How can i make it so it uses an image? Also, where can I follow a tutorial to build my own analog app?
    Boris Emorine
    Hi @Archivus,
    As far as I know there isn't any tutorial to build an analog app.
    Using images instead of the current drawings for hands should be doable but will require quite a bit of customization. If you do find a way to do so keeping the current features intact, please submit a pull request to the project!
    PaweĊ‚ Kata
    Hello! This is a very nice control. Thanks! One thing, though: is there a way to disable animations and just show time?
    Boris Emorine
    Hi @pawelkata,
    Sorry for getting back to you so late.
    You want to show the current time? If so, the property realTime unfortunately doesn't offer the option to disable the animation.
    Both methods updateTimeAnimated: and setClockToCurrentTimeAnimated do offer this option though. Let me know if you need more clarification.
    Hi. I have to put clock and a picker view in the same view controller. While the picker is used, the clock stop moving. Is there any ideas how to make clock moving while I use the picker? Thanks.
    Hello very nice analog clock project..can it be done like even if I can change the hour hand also to set the timing of the clock. Only rotating the minutes hand to set the timing is kind of little un user friendly. does anybody have done before.
    Boris Emorine
    hi @DipeshiOSDeveloper,
    I remember that at first I implemented the hour hand to move along with the user's finger. But the issue that I faced was that on smaller clocks, it was not precise enough.
    The best way would probably to offer the option to use the hour hand instead of the minute hand.
    Hi there, amazing project; very helpful for my own work. I was wondering if there are any support files for who is coding with Swift. My app is entirely coded on Swift, and I am facing some hard time when implementing the codes under 'ViewDidLoad'. Any tips or advise on getting this project running on Swift? Thanks.
    Boris Emorine
    Hi @brunopaesleme.
    I'm not well versed in Swift and can't therefore help you out.
    Sorry about that.
    Hi @Boris-Em , thanks for the response. The previous issue was solved; now I wanted to ask you if it is possible to remove the secondHand?
    Boris Emorine
    I don't think that there is a way to get rid of the second hand, but setting secondHandAlpha to 0 should do the trick, no?
    That did work, thanks @Boris-Em. I am now trying to manipulate the graduations. Anyone knows or have tried to change the graduations color or size in Swift? I have unsuccessfully tried to implement the sample code to my project.
    I want to know if I can add shadow with BEMAnalogClock?
    Boris Emorine
    @NewBiginner Where do you want to add shadows precisely?
    Can I use military hour on digital time?
    @Boris-Em I want to add shadow only the frame, not include the number.
    Hello. I am wanting to change the face background colour every second, but can only get the colour to actually update after setting self.clock.faceBackgroundColor and then running [self.clock updateClock]; but this then sends the hands back to default. Is there another way to force it to redraw the background at all that you know of? Thanks
    Matheus Alano
    Hi everyone. I'm trying to implement the clock, and I'd like to use only the hour hand. but even when I set the second and minute hand alpha to 0.0, I have to turn (I mean surround) the whole clock to increase 1 hour. I want to change the hour according to the digits. And I also need the military hour. Thanks
    Preeti Sharma
    This message was deleted