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Repo info
    This will update the graph so the end user has a visual representation. thank you in advance.
    Right now, I have a random set of values.
    -(NSInteger)lineGraph:[BEMSimpleLinegraphView *)graph valueForPointAtIndex:(NSInteger)index { return arc4random() %10 +1;//The value of the point on the Y Axis for the index]
    Ario Singgih Permana
    can u help me, im trying to use ur graph with bottom gradient
    i got error in
        CGContextDrawLinearGradient(ctx, self.bottomGradient, CGPointZero, CGPointMake(0, CGRectGetMaxY(fillBottom.bounds)), 0);
    this is my code
        let num_locations:size_t = 2
        let colorComponents:[CGFloat] = [1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.0]
        let locations:[CGFloat] = [0.0, 1.0]
        myGraph.gradientBottom = CGGradientCreateWithColorComponents(colorSpace,colorComponents,locations,num_locations)!
    the same as ur sample code
    Alexey Levashov
    Hi everyone,
    Can you help me with popups? I try to show all custom popups, but if use alwaysDisplayPopUpLabels= YES it led to show only label, not custom popup. In other case i can show custom popup by modifyPopupView method , but only when i tap on graph.
    Hi, I just installed the pod in to my swift project
    my bridging header can't find the file. I tried <BEMSimpleLineGraphView/BEMSimpleLineGraphView.h> and "BEMSimpleLineGraphView.h"
    in my quick open, I can see Pods > Pods > BEMSimpleLineGraphView.h
    Привет, ищу разработчика под один проект, напишите в skype moykin.e у кого есть время для рассмотрения реализации проекта
    McKenzie McGilchrist
    hello I have a question regarding being able to fill in the space between 2 data lines. I am creating an app that requires a 'GreenZone' that another line will have to stay in between to maintain a desired weight. is this possible with this library?
    Rohit Chauhan
    hi everyone, i am trying to create a graph something like this (http://www.highcharts.com/demo/dynamic-update) , i have tried everything and nothing seems to work, does anyone have any solution to this.
    Alexander Spöcker
    Since the Update to Swift 3 the Delegate functions are marked as unavailable
    Cannot override 'lineGraph' which has been marked unavailable
    Any help would be great
    Sam Gregory
    Awesome library! I appreciate the work that's been done on it. Feel free to add FishHawk to the GitHub wiki apps using this library if you'd like. alt
    Sam Gregory

    FishHawk is a location-based social network and utility for anglers. It allows users to share photos/videos and see what people are catching in their area. Integrated into the app is also other useful information related to fishing. The tides feature includes 7-day tides/solunar data for North America. I enhanced the tides screen UI for the latest update (pending) using the BEMSimpleLineGraph Library to visualize the tide events for each day. It makes the information much easier to understand and digest compared to tabular data.

    Please consider adding my app FishHawk to your Wiki.


    Hello! I really want to use your library for a fitness app but I'm not familiar with objective-c. I was just working if you were working on a Swift version. Thank you!
    @20112077 Hi. I had the same problem and solved it by going in the BEMSimpleLineGraphView.h and commenting out the Delegate functions that have been replaced by DataSource functions.
    Punita Ojha
    This message was deleted
    shalini kamala
    Thank you for the awesome library! I need to display 2 graphs on a single page. Is it possible to do that ? How do I setup datasource & delegate in such a case ? Thanks again!!
    shalini kamala
    I included an if/else clause in the methods numberOfPointsInLineGraph & valueForPointAtIndex so that it will return different values for each graph. That seems to work. Again, Thanks for the library!! Great work!! :)
    plz help me.
    I have a issue for Swift socket.
    Please let me know method to send message in SwiftSocket.
    Server is written java language.
    i connected to server and sent msg using "send" method but I can not receive any data.
    kindly help me.
    Krutarth Patel
    Hello,I am working on BEMSimpleLineGraphView and i am running code from Sample Code.sometime i am getting one value to display in graph.so graph is showing dot.that is Right.but x and y values are not displaying on Graph.can anyone help me?
    shalini kamala
    @iKrutarth0825_twitter Is enableYAxisLabel enabled ? Could you also share your code ? Might be a simple fix
    Krutarth Patel
    Thanks for Reply
    graph is working fine,if value is more than one.but x and y coordinates are displaying if array count is one.
    because in drawGraph method,code is
    if (numberOfPoints <= 1) {
    i am sending zip
    shalini kamala
    Thanks, that makes sense. Does your product have a use case where you will have to display only one point ? Tweak the drawGraph code to see if that helps ?
    Dave Wooldridge
    Love BEMSimpleLineGraph! Does anyone know if there is a way to configure this library to show a line graph reversed with the lowest number at the top and the highest number at the bottom (for ranking stats like Billboard music charts where a lower number is better)?
    Please support my attempt to change the world of the project, spread it, baptize it
    linto jacob
    I am facing one issue, Please help me out this stackoverflow.com/q/47177942/…
    is't possible to load BEMSimpleLineGraph in tableView if it's yes how?
    Yong Qin
    Preeti Sharma
    This message was deleted
    Dragon Boy
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    Dragon Boy
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    Giridharan Venkatapathy
    This is a cheatsheet for coding in SwiftUI ios Applications. I hope this will be really useful for everyone.
    very good