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    Jan C. Frankowski

    Hello, I'm making some animations with brainrender and had a question regarding actor labels.

    When I add a brain region as an actor, is it possible to assign a custom label so that in the rendered scene, I can show an abbreviation to label each brain region? I would like to use the label 'DG' for the brainrender.Actor: DG-brain region I show below:

    brainrender.Actor: root-brain region,
    brainrender.Actor: DG-brain region

    Federico Claudi
    hey, yep you can add labels quite easily, I've added an example to the repository: https://github.com/brainglobe/brainrender/blob/master/examples/add_labels.py
    if something doesn't look right you might want to try upgrading to the latest version of brainrender (
    Jan C. Frankowski
    Worked great, thank you! Is there any way to have the labels rotate dynamically with changing camera positions during an animation?
    Federico Claudi
    not right now, but. can try to add it
    Jan C. Frankowski
    Is there a way to export screenshots as vectors instead of PNG?
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    Adam Tyson
    Hi all. BrainGlobe has joined https://forum.image.sc as a community partner. Going forward, please ask any BrainGlobe questions over there, tagging brainglobe and the tool you're asking about, e.g. cellfinder. This Gitter channel will no longer be monitored. Thanks!