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Raine Lightner
ya saw that, very good idea from @jimpdx I wonder if people actually use Start/End Dates, I'll have to check the data
Any going to HomeBrew Con in Portland?
Raine Lightner
OK pushed out a release that allows bulk deleting of rows
@rlightner I just exported an excel CSV file and I'm wondering what the 2 "Brewometer" columns refer to. The first is a four digit number that doesn't change. The second is a 7 digit number that counts up.
Jim Thompson
@rlightner definitely will be at Homebrew Con (I am President of the Oregon Brew Crew and we will have a big presence at Club Night!). Re: deleting rows, the only complaint I have is that after you delete, it takes you back to the first page. I am most often trying to delete the oldest readings so having it stay on the last page (or the one just prior) would be more useful and save some frustration. But this is still a huge help :thumbsup: :beers:
Hey guys, new user with a possible dumb question. When setting up my first real brew, I had selected the 'Private' box with the intent of keeping the process from being viewed publicly. I see I now have 20ish views of my brew. Does the 'Private' box not do what I think it does or is it not functioning correctly?
Is it possible that you are those 20 views? @Maelos134
Potentially? When viewing the map, it shows people from different regions, so unless the GPS polling is off, I would doubt that I am ALL the views.
Raine Lightner
looks like the robots.txt is not excluding private brews, I'll be fixing that soon
Hajime Yamauchi
@rlightner Back in last August you suggested to add "hiding recipes from the "share" feature." Has this feature been implemented? I'd love to share my fermentation progresses, but sometime I'd like to hide actual recipes.
Raine Lightner
Sorry been on vacation over in Copenhagen. That feature hasn't been released yet. The new UI will be coming out in the next couple weeks. I'll post some previews when I get home tonight.
Raine Lightner
Raine Lightner
Sorry, had a very small outage this morning.. switching some code paths over to a new caching provider and the connection strings didn't update. no data was lost as far as I can determine.
Hello, how do I stop the units defaulting to imperial every time I log in. Even the share with metric units link defaults to imperial. And you cannot manually change to metric while viewing on a mobile device (iPhone). Thanks.
I did send an email via the brewstat site.
The Baltic Brewery
Hi,is it possible to edit raw data from tilt hydrometer in brewtats?

hi, I get the error page when logged in, (Uh Oh! Something Really Bad Happened
Either we're really busy or you've discovered a bug in our software. We're sorry about that.

You can try again by refreshing the page.)

do you have an outage?
Some Tilt Pi feedback:

Some Tile Pi Feedback:

Use the HDMI version of the firmware even if you are not attaching a monitor to the Pi and interact with it as web server.

Besure to visit the system menu page and do a "UPDATE APP(FLOW)" if the version number is not 2.1 or greater.

On the logging page:

  1. Turn off "Use default cloud URL for all".
  2. Turn off "Start Logging to the cloud".
  3. Set the beer name entry (might not be needed)
  4. Set the "Cloud URL" to link displayed on the "Tiltâ„¢ Hydrometer Devices" page
  5. Turn off "Start Logging to the cloud".
opps step five is turn on "Start Logging to the cloud".
Tilt Pi only reports if it is on the "Tilt Pi" page, so be sure to select that after editing on the logging page.
Hi, Raine. I notice that my Tilt sends gravity readings to three decimal places, and Brewstat uses them without problem, but if I edit a temp in the edit Tilt data feature, it drops the last digit and replaces it with a zero. For example, if I change an SG to 1.052, the spreadsheet saves it as 1.050. It will show all Tilt-generated numbers to all three decimal places, in both the dashboard and on the chart, but any edited SGs always show a zero for that last digit. I sometimes need to do this when I start fermentation, but am not able to set up the brew on brewstat until later after the gravity has dropped a bit from its original reading. I like to change the first recorded temp to what it actually was. This, of course, makes a funky chart, but it gives a more accurate ABV reading. Btw, as far as I can recall, it's always done this. Thanks for the great site and all the work you do on it! Cheers, Steve
can i export chart data (.csv)?
Hello, I am not receiving reports from Tilt Pi after 20hr from 2 devices.
Dou you think it could be some problem on your server? all logging data seems OK.
Thanks in advance!
Matt Jensen
Is there some place with clear instructions to get Tilt working with Brewstat? I pasted the Brewstat cloud link into Tilt UI but it looks like Brewstat needs some XML file to create a new beer. Not sure what to do.
Michael Broggy

It needs a BeerXML file (from Beersmith or the like) to populate information about your brew.

...it's not clear on what's necessary, though, other than you need to provide a URL and uncheck "Use default Cloud URL for all"

I started my Tilt a couple of days late. The Brewstat defaults the OG to its first reading and not the OG I edited in the Brewstat setup. As a result ABV and yeast utilization numbers are off. Is there a way to force a beginning OG?
Alex Howarth

I started my Tilt a couple of days late. The Brewstat defaults the OG to its first reading and not the OG I edited in the Brewstat setup. As a result ABV and yeast utilization numbers are off. Is there a way to force a beginning OG?

+1 to this. I'm in the same boat.

Is this still being actively maintained?
Duncan Brown
Something strange appears to be happening with the graphs on my dashboard. They used to summarize the brew, but now they are showing random temperature and gravity readings.
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.46.55 AM.png
Is anyone else seeing this? @rlightner has any code changed recently?
The data on the brew page itself looks fine:
Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 11.48.27 AM.png
Duncan Brown
Looks like it's back to normal this morning:
Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 8.56.32 AM.png
@RabbitFarmer @alexhowarth I have a work around for your OG problem
The API to push is pretty straightforward. You need to do a http POST to the URL that brewstatus gives you for your tilt.
The headers should say Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded and the payload should contain SG=1.019&Temp=71.0&Color=ORANGE&Timepoint=43984.33630927084&Beer=Beer&Comment=Comment
Beer and Comment are ignored, so they can be whatever, just set the SG Temp Color and Timestamp appropriately.
Duncan Brown
Timestamp is days since 12/30/1899. You can create it from unix time with ((double) std::time(0) + tzoffset * 3600.0)) / 86400.0 + 25569.0)
I have an issue with edit tilt data where I can't enter gravity manually with three significant figures (so 1.005 gets rounded to 1.010 which is a big difference), so I use this workaround. If I get 10 mins, I'll write a web form to do it and post the link here.
I am new to BrewStat.us, but I can't find any documentation about how to edit the recipe after it has been uploaded. I upload the BeerXML, and not everything uploads correctly; for example, if I'm doing a 90 minute boil, it comes across as 60 minutes. I can't fix that. Is there any way to fix any of the details that come across in the XML file except the SG, the yeast strain, and the IBU for example?
How do I start a brew without a xml file?
Dang is this chat still dead
Hi I'm new to Brewstat and the Tilt. I was trying to delete the last several days of Tilt data on my first brew using Brewstat and the Tilt. When I deleted the last full page of Tilt data it returned to the first page of Tilt data. I expected it would stay at the end and I accidentally deleted my first page of Tilt data. Is there a way to recover it?