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Marko Bolliger
also it works but i cant connect any more via port 3000
Joshua Austill
did you make any html changes?
Marko Bolliger

[BS] [UI] [weinre]: starting server at
debug('SOCKET ERROR:', err.message, err.stack);

TypeError: Cannot read property 'displayName' of undefined

this error is also new
since today
i have body tag
Joshua Austill
hmm, I've not seen that one before
Marko Bolliger
i use wordpress but i dont know why it just stopped working
before 20min everythign was finde then i enabled
weinre and boom broken
but this is not the first time i enable weinre
yesterday everything was fine
Andrius Solopovas
Hi guys, recepies do not work with webpack2 does anyone had got it working?
Hi. I am using angular 2 seed project from angular official site. I need to disable browser-sync in that project. How can I do it?
hey fellas I'm having little bit struggle with connecting localhost via my iphone
can someone help me
my firewall is off
Aman Sharma
having trouble! can't access this angular 2 browser sync app from outside ?
Onur Alp Baklaci
I am wondering too. But is speed okay?
hello ?
why does browsers request for favicon.ico?
Hi everybody, im facing a problem using Angular 1 and gulp with browsersync, if most than one user have the site open and one of them change to another state the other user page will change as well, how can i fix that? ghostmode: false seems not to work
can someone please give me a hand with this?
Hi guys, I notice that browser-sync just injects css files not js files while webpack-dev-server injects js files and does not refresh the page. It seems that hot module replacement doesn't work in browser-sync. Is there any way to fix that?
Hi guys, I would like to know if its possible in browser sync that when you do npm start it will pop up different browsers with different browser width? so that I will no longer resize the browser manually? Hope you guys have thought on this?
@kent-gova I'm not expert but on top of my head, once to run browser-sync leave it to be running then open several browser and resize them and never stop the server so they all are going to be sync. why to stop the server and run it again??
@S-Amin It's not actually meant for stop and re-run server. It's for the convenience of not resizing the browser and only to have all the desired different browser size needed considering of not syncing to mobile emulators but only browsers.
Carlos Eduardo Villalta
Hey guys, I have an express project that runs an angular fe that is built with webpack, right now I have a task that builds assets with webpack-stream to /dist and reload the server with nodemon-gulp, now I want to integrate browser sync for browser reloads but Im having a hard time understanding how to do that
In the gulp-nodemon documentation, I find this:
Using gulp-nodemon with browser-sync

Some people want to use browser-sync. That's totally fine, just start browser sync 
in the same task as nodemon({}) and use gulp-nodemon's 
.on('start', function () {}) to trigger browser-sync. Don't use the
.on('restart') event because it will fire before your app is up and running.
But I don’t know how to trigger it
Carlos Eduardo Villalta
I have something like
gulp.task('serve:watch', ['nodemon'],() => {
    browserSync.init(null, {
        proxy: "http://localhost:3000",
        files: ["dist/**/*.*"],
        browser: "google chrome",
        port: 7000,
// Configure gulp-nodemon
// This watches the files belonging to the app for changes
// and restarts the server whenever a change is detected
gulp.task('nodemon', ['webpack-build'], cb => {
  let started = false;
  return nodemon({
    script: 'server.js',
    ext: 'js html pug ts scss',
    env: {'NODE_ENV': 'development' },
    tasks: ['webpack-build'],
    ignore: 'dist'
  .on('start', () => {
    if (!started) {
      started = true;
It appears to be reloading before the build is finished
and thus causing the app to hang instead of actually reloading when it should
Sridhar S
Hi there,
How can i get port number browser sync is running on
i need to get that port number for my process. Could anyone please suggest me
What's the best way to diagnose browser-sync? Live reload works, but clicks / typing in input fields doesnt get synced, I can see the socket.io frames show up accross browsers, so it must be a client issue.
When typing asdf in an input field, the other browser shows frames, but doesn't modify the input field.
42/browser-sync,["input:text", {tagName: "INPUT", index: 0, value: "asdf", url: "/vNext/donor-care/donor/list"}]
{tagName: "INPUT", index: 0, value: "asdf", url: "/vNext/donor-care/donor/list"}
Scratch that, SOME clicks work, others don't
It seems to be an issue where clicking a link that navigates to another page doesn't work, and because the urls are different nothing works
Sridhar S
Is there any way to get external link pragmatically ??
Matias Fernandez Martinez
Hi everyone, I need to run browser-syncin server mode with a custom host name, in order to use a Java's Localhost server and CORS for the Web services, I couldn't find the right configuration jet, anyone has any experience with this?
Aaron Beall
@thematho Did you figure it out? Trying to do the same sort of thing
Matias Fernandez Martinez
@aaronbeall I gived up after a week of trying to solve this. I endded up disabling the Google Chrome Security Flag in order to run both servers and avoid cors issuesm the problem I had was related to Authorizes access to the cookies on both servers
Aaron Beall
Were you using the "host" option?
that seems to have worked for me... but for some reason connected browsers don't show in the UI, even though they do reload
Aaron Beall
When I try to use the snippet I'm getting in the console https://localhost:3000/browser-sync/browser-sync-client.js?v=2.18.13 net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE
even though I have https: true option