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Feb 2015
Chris Horn
Feb 19 2015 00:54
Hi Great lib I'm liking it a lot I got a question cause I'm not sure if its a bug or something I'm doing wrong
I drag a tab off and create a new window, works fine once last tab closes that new window closes work fine, Drag tab and re-doc to existing window (2 or more tab groups on one window) close last tab in either tab group and the window still closes. I've looked at the demo code and changed the "ClosingTabItemHandlerImpl" however it doesn't stop it from happening
James Willock
Feb 19 2015 06:34
yep...just reproduced it...that's a bug,,,can't believe i never spotted that one before!
...i'll take a look
James Willock
Feb 19 2015 06:42
Think I will have to change the API ever so slightly...TabEmptiedResponse.CloseWindow will be renamed TabEmptiedResponse.CloseWindowOrUnBranchLayout
James Willock
Feb 19 2015 06:59
OK, fix pushed to GitHun and NuGet...unless you were manually using IInterTabClient you shouldnt notice the API changes. Thanks for the feedback.