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Oct 2015
Pranav Ramarao
Oct 17 2015 12:50
Thanks a lot James! It worked :)
I am currently using the Material Design for tabs . One thing though is that the tab panel looks like one group. Is it possible to show each tab with a small border so that I can make out that they are tabs?
For example, in chrome style tabs (Trapezoid tabs) , you can make out each tab as a unit.
Pranav Ramarao
Oct 17 2015 13:09
And just curious, is it possible to support the way chrome starts shrinking tabs once you open too many tabs? ;)
And, lastly, is it possible to rename tabs?
I ask these because i went through your code base and found it pretty big. I am already discovering many things that you have added but are not present in all demos. So I am just wondering if you have included the above features and I am not aware of them.