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Jan 2016
Jan 14 2016 00:29
Hi, Thank You for Your great work!
I based my application on Dragablz and working on it actually.
Unfortunately I have strange issue, which I can not find and repair.
When I add new tab, and grab it and dock it anywhere with Dockablz ( now I see that new ItemTabController doesn't have old one Style ) and try to remove it then my application doesn't use my own InterTabClient class and instead is using DefaultInterTabClient which crash my application with Exception on this "newTabablzControl.Items.Clear();".
I would be very grateful to hear any suggest from You where I could start debugging this problem again.
Jan 14 2016 01:51
Hi again. I resolved my problem with losing Style. Problem with moving tab from docked place are still not resolved.
Jeremy Stafford
Jan 14 2016 05:40
I'm having a weird problem where if I tear a tab out, it just spawns a new window instead of bringing up the drop zones. It opens new windows as I drag (i.e. if I drag 400 pixels away, it'll open like 10 windows). I'm not sure when it started, but it was working one moment and then started doing this the next and has been this way ever since. I've seen this happen before and never fixed it. Has anyway seen this behavior?
James Willock
Jan 14 2016 07:00
@dasjestyr maybe stick a breakpoint in where the window gets created and post (or look at the call-stack)? The nugget package includes source so you might be able to step back and get some more clues...
@Hektorrr not sure I understand your current issue...
Jan 14 2016 09:57

@ButchersBoy : Thank You for fast response!
My issue step by step :

  1. Open window with Dockablz and Dragablz. ( at start there is one opened tab )
  2. Add new tab ( so now I have two )
  3. Grab one tab, and dock it on the right ( for example )
  4. Grab already docked tab and try to 'undock' it .
  5. My app crashes with exception throwed at "newTabablzControl.Items.Clear();" in DefaultInterTabClient class ( but I have my own InterTabClient class implementation like in examples ).

I know it's hard to guess what can be wrong, but I need only clue to investigate.
Best regards!

James Willock
Jan 14 2016 09:58
@Hektorrr @dasjestyr ...if you guys post sample projects on Git i will try and take a look
Jan 14 2016 10:15
@ButchersBoy : Thank You, but I don't want to bother You... Best regards!
James Willock
Jan 14 2016 10:17
Have you looked in DragablzSamplez how it applies the InterTabClient, so that it direct get lost on new windows?
Jan 14 2016 11:35
Hi I have an Issue with dragablz:TabablzControl.
I use it in separte window(dialog) and want to resue the DialogViewModel because recreation of it is expencive.
When window is closed ItemSource is cleared
Here is CallStack where it is Cleared
 Dragablz.dll!Dragablz.Core.CollectionTeaser.Remove(object item) Line 63    C#
 Dragablz.dll!Dragablz.TabablzControl.RemoveFromSource(object item) Line 606    C#
 Dragablz.dll!Dragablz.TabablzControl.WindowOnClosing(object sender, System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs cancelEventArgs) Line 828    C#
Jan 14 2016 11:42
Have looked into code. Probably when ConsolidateOrphanedItems control dont take into account witch window is closed owner one or child window when tab is taken away.