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Nov 2016
Alejandro Alvarez
Nov 10 2016 04:55
Hi, first of all, great work!. Unlucky me, I have an issue here. First, I have a MainWindow with a main tab. Then, this main window has a floating item list, which at certain point I add a tab to it. Up to this point it works perfect. When I expand the floating item, and a window is created, whenever I try to dock it to main window, it shows an empty tab, and my tab (without header). I'm using MVVM pattern with MVVMLight toolkit. Any suggestions?
James Willock
Nov 10 2016 20:10
You probably will have to post a repo
Alejandro Alvarez
Nov 10 2016 20:44
quick question, maybe it'll help you, help me out. In my mainwindow, I have a DataContext bound to it (ViewModel1). And the new window, has another, completely different view model attached to it (ViewModel2). Maybe, when I dock the new window in a split view, because it has ViewModel2, MainWindow does not recognizes this view model?