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Dec 2016
Malte Baden Hansen
Dec 12 2016 13:42
I'm working on a application where each window/tab should have a horizontal list of icons, that can be dragged between windows. The kicker being that these icons does not have any content associated. So what i really need is icons that can be dragged between windows, seperately from the other tab/partition. Does anyone have any ideas about how this can be achieved? I'm currently looking at the MotionList example - would that be a good way to implement this?
James Willock
Dec 12 2016 17:05
@Moulde you can acheive this... But you have to put a bit of work in yourself. Basically, you create a custom tab control style, which has no main content display area.
Also, you can check out Gong Drag and Drop. Depends what effect you want. This library will give you the animated re ordering.