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Dec 2016
Malte Baden Hansen
Dec 13 2016 11:09
@ButchersBoy Ah yes, that's what i ended up trying. Is it enough to change the ContentTemplate for the TabablzControl, to an empty DataTemplate? To disable the main content display area? Thanks for the Gong drag and drop, I'l have that as a plan B.
@ButchersBoy By the way, what could cause dragging a tab out into its own window, to repeatedly create new windows, on top of the old one, but with the same tabs, esentially duplicates of the old window? I'm trying to use the TabablzControl in a MVVM application, and I have tried to follow the "BoundExampleWindow.xaml" in the "DragablzDemo.net45" project. But something (the above issue...) tells me that i may have accidently skipped a step or something.
James Willock
Dec 13 2016 16:42
Hmmm yeah, something to do with your IInterTabClient or InterTabController not providing a new window in a proper fashion...