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Feb 2017
Svetlozar Stoichkov
Feb 08 2017 11:40
Hello! How can I change the height of a TabItem header so it's content can fit:
Feb 08 2017 14:24
i am trying to use the DragablzItemsControl and an ItemTemplateSelector
but i can't seem to figure it out
it seems I have to set the control template in DragalbzItemControl.ItemContainerStyle which overrides my selector
Feb 08 2017 14:40
<dragablz:DragablzItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding SelectedSearchOptions}" ItemTemplateSelector="{StaticResource SearchOptionTemplateSelector}"> <dragablz:DragablzItemsControl.ItemsOrganiser> <dragablz:HorizontalOrganiser /> </dragablz:DragablzItemsControl.ItemsOrganiser>
my selector is never called here. am i doing something wrong?
James Willock
Feb 08 2017 18:10
I can't quite remember, don't have code in front of me. Obviously a few things different compared to a normal items control.
Feb 08 2017 18:11
yes. i have a working project using it but it only has one template