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Feb 2017
Magnus Lindhe
Feb 15 2017 09:33
Is it possible to get the TabablzControl to let the tab focus "slip through" to the selected tab control? I do not want the TabItems to be part of the keyboard tab navigation.
Magnus Lindhe
Feb 15 2017 09:39
The example above shows a tab key navigation from Order Number down to the TabablzControl which get focus and the second tab key navigation goes from the TabablzControl to Offset X
I would like to go straight from Order Number to Offset X
But no matter which property I try to set on the TabablzControlit either let the tab items headers get tab focus or it does not get focus at all.
Is there a combination of properties I need to set to get the desired behaviour or do I need to make a patch to the control template?
Magnus Lindhe
Feb 15 2017 09:53
Another observation I made was that after tab key navigation from Offset Y which is the last control on the Offset tab the tab focus will go to the "Suffix" control and then continue to the individual tab item headers. It seems like the first tab stop on the TabablzControl header in the animation really should not be there.
If necessary I will make a repo to reproduce this behaviour.