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Feb 2017
Alex Fanat
Feb 26 2017 01:49
@svstoichkov Don't change the height of the tab item, change the height of the TabablzControl. That should fix it.
Alex Fanat
Feb 26 2017 02:44
For everyone trying to do the same thing as I, for some reason, on newer versions of .NET and without the actual Dragablz project imported into the solution, it is not possible to use the default add button with a custom action as far as I can tell, but it is possible to use the header suffix, as I have found from over 30 years worth of mashing my keyboard.

how to make it work:

<Button Margin="10" Name="NewTab" HorizontalAlignment="Left" VerticalAlignment="Center" Background="Transparent" Foreground="{StaticResource MaterialDesignPaper}" Content="{materialDesign:PackIcon Plus}"/>

then use: += (s, e) => { /code goes here/ }
to handle clicks
James Willock
Feb 26 2017 10:09
The default add button does just that, call a default routed command
but you can provide a NewItemFactory
or, as you have done, you provide your own suffix content