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Feb 2017
Alex Fanat
Feb 27 2017 07:16
Ok thanks!
But now I'm having trouble with getting in-header buttons to work.
I checked the demo and did exactly what was done with the CustomHeader, and the button appears, but doesn't respond to any click events.
do I need to do something different?
its literally a button in the header with the command="{x:Static dragablz:TabablzControl.CloseItemCommand}"
but that was just supposed to be a test because I want that button to do other things, so I need a click handler
Alex Fanat
Feb 27 2017 07:22
even though I put one (event handler for that button) into the MainWindow's constructor, in the same way I did it with the header suffix's plus button, it never gets triggered.
It seems that no events for things I put into the header of a tabitem get triggered.
Am I doing something wrong again?
Alex Fanat
Feb 27 2017 07:38
I found out something you might find interesting.
I got buttons inside the tabitem headers to work but the only way to do it is to right click the header where the button is, then click and everything will execute as expected.
Alex Fanat
Feb 27 2017 08:15
I figured it out sorry I kinda spammed the chat
for anyone else: ButchersBoy/Dragablz#92