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Apr 2017
Apr 17 2017 14:12

I think there might be a bug inside Dragablz. Very quick to reproduce with Dragablz sample.
Step to reproduce (can be reproduced with Dragablz Samples):

  1. Place Break Point inside Dragablz.net45->DefaultInterTabClient.INewTabHost
  2. Start BoundExample sample
  3. Drag one tab and dock it in on the right
  4. Undock this tab.
  5. -> The break point will be hit. ( and I think that's the bug ).
    Even if we've got our custom InterTabClient the DefaultInterTabClient is called.

I will try to resolve that on my own but maybe someone already experienced this and has solution already - would be great!

James Willock
Apr 17 2017 15:52
Could actually be a demo bug...