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Apr 2017
Magnus Lindhe
Apr 24 2017 16:28
Sorry to bother you with this James. I'm trying to put a badge in the header of a TabItem. I'm putting custom content in the TabItem.Header property but my TextBlock does not inherit the same look as used by the default style. Do you know where I should look to figure out how to make my style look the same as the default TabItem header?
Hangon, might be the Medium FontWeight that is missing
Magnus Lindhe
Apr 24 2017 16:35
Seemed to do the trick
Magnus Lindhe
Apr 24 2017 16:55
Does TabablzControl use the TabItem.HeaderTemplate at all? TabablzIControl.HeaderItempTemplate works for me but not the TabItem.HeaderTemplate
James Willock
Apr 24 2017 17:59
@mgnslndh i cant quite remember now, but yeah, one of the templates is not quite what you think it is.... So probably that one (haven't got code in front of me)