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Jul 2018
Jul 05 2018 13:08
Hello James,
i use TabablzControl in a application with a MahApps MetroWindow. Now i want combine the transparent window feature (when i drag a tab to another window) from dragablz.Window with the style from MetroWindow.
For this i create a new window class that inherit from MetroWindow and add your code for "IsBeingDraggedByTab" Property and drag events. I also create adjusted styles and control templates for the new Window class.
It works great...When I drag a tab to another window, the border and titlebar is transparent like dragablz.Window. Now Problem... When I maximize the window (over button or double click), the content doesn't update, means the tabcontrol inside stay on his former size and doesn't react. I get big border on buttom and right side.
When i resize the window with the mouse on the corners it works fine. Do you have an idea, what is the problem? Thanks in advances!
Image from Window...