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Feb 2015
Christopher Eldridge
Feb 21 2015 21:49
@/all Does anyone know what kind of Framework we are going to use here? (MVC4,, etc.)? I'm not sure if we discussed this but it could impact parts of the design
Christopher Eldridge
Feb 21 2015 22:02
@/all Also, I posted a very high level preview of what I'm thinking for the Calendar if anyone wants to take a quick look. I'll break that down into classes and put some of the methods in for the document itself (It'll obviously be expanded this is just for the architecture piece of it). I'll also update the sequence diagrams that are related to this with more detail (and you guys can feel free to extend off the sequence diagrams from the requirements doc I made up). We will probably have to get together to put together an integrated system architecture diagram showing how the components will pull together into the pages at some point.
Feb 21 2015 22:08
Okk i will use the sequence diagrams for reference for the user stories