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Repo info
    Timo Tijhof
    Hm.. is there a way I can/should utilise phpenv in Travis CI to re-configure php to have options like -- enable-dba --with-cdb --with-flatfile --with-inifile?
    Timo Tijhof
    Nevermind, irc.freenode.net/#travis helped me. php-build can be used. Though that'd complicate things. Referring to https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-cookbooks/pull/401#issuecomment-66199369 instead.
    Fatih GÜRSOY
    L. Mayta
    D'Arcy Rush
    Hi, can I use this tool to switch the version of php apache is using on a local machine or is this more for php-cli?
    hi guys
    how do i install phpenv in ubuntu?
    not familiar with php at all
    Hello friends, I have a little request, my english is not good enought,
    can you help me with correcting docs? Here is my repo https://github.com/undercloud/beacon,
    and also you can support me with stars) Thanks!
    Martin Poirier Théorêt
    I just reinstall ubuntu (16.0.4 lts) and I use the CHH/phpenv system. I was able to build a php 5.6.30 version. I did "phpenv global 5.6.30"
    if I do "php"
    I get "The program 'php' can be found in the following packages..."
    I did not install php prior to CHH/phpenv
    Andrew Miller
    Any chance of CHH/phpenv being opened up to extra contributors to maintain it/merge in some PRs? The one to replace RBENV with PHPENV in particular would be appreciated.
    Emmanuel See Te
    Hi im just new to Travis CI is this correct? https://github.com/Twiistrz/PinoyZone/blob/master/.travis.yml