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Oct 2015
Oct 11 2015 11:20

@aheinze There will be more examples than kickstart? I would like to know how far page types can go. Can we use some cockpit edit fields to in copilot?

If I want to add custom css file to some pages. Can I do it when use Markdown page instead of HTML? So custom CSS would be added on top of page?

Copilot and Cockpit will stay MIT? Just CoCoPi will be commercial? I would love to pay for it, if it will be developed further. I mean more plugins for copilot to support tags, github integration, media embedding, multi-language and so on... G**v already have a lot of useful stuff to go. I prefer CoCoPi much better, but if feature set will stay so basic there is not much choice.

Oct 11 2015 23:15
@amdad yeah, docs are in the making, CoCoPi is much more powerful as it looks on the first sight...Copilot and Cockpit will stay MIT and only CoCoPi will be/is commercial, yes!