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Dec 2015
Dec 27 2015 12:51
Previously i had static php-Files to render and now i want the it to be in a collection, so its easier to change the content. For that i made a Collection 'Pages' with fields like title, path and content. For the content-field i had chosen the html-editor, but i need to use php in it (for example for forms: <?php form... ?>).
Or is there a better way? I hope it is understandable what i trying to achieve, like a small cms.
Dec 27 2015 16:39
@aheinze How to include Lexy to Lime app/template renderer in simplest way? There is any way in cockpit API maybe?
Dec 27 2015 17:39
@krokerke you can use PHP in Region template. And you can input Region into Collection item by Region picker. Then render it on site. Or use Region Group "Pages" and render pages from regions instead of collections. So adding new page by duplicate existing with pre-configured fields.