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Jul 2016
Jul 25 2016 22:03
so I rewrote the pax stuff to properly use the fields in PaycardTransactions, and now im trying to get the EBT message to show up
but it's not
i suspect im not triggering the condition properly
i'm not entirely clear where that condition gets run
If you have a tender record in the transaction w/ trans_subtype EF or EC, then the issue is probably in the message module's query. One of these clauses would be my guess
Jul 25 2016 22:09
it has to say APPROVED in xResultMessage
and EBT in cardType
Jul 25 2016 22:16
Is there a single command that you can use to total and give the cash tendered? I didn't see anything on the list of keyboard commands but I wanted to double check here first.
Jul 25 2016 22:53
@gohanman heyy it worked! I had to do CoreLocal::set('EbtCaBalance', '..');
but then it worked out