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Aug 2016
Aug 14 2016 02:42
Okay, figured out what Dan wants for pricing methods
Items Scanned Item Price Total
1 $0.50 $0.50
2 $0.50 $1.00
3 $0.33 -
3 $-0.16 -
3 $-0.17 $1.00
4 $0.34 $1.34
5 $0.33 $1.67
The ability to do something like this
3 for a dollar when you buy at least three, for example
it looks like it's possible to build a custom Pricing Method, but I'm unclear on exactly how
is there an example, perhaps?
Aug 14 2016 02:55
ohh, read more, i think i understand how to do it
Aug 14 2016 07:04
Sorry @gohanman, left ya hanging there. Been building a checkstand cabinet in meatspace for the last 2 days, client didn't think ahead and got a 3ft long by 15in deep table, doesn't really work when a scale needs 23" minimum in depth :P
Aug 14 2016 22:49
we ended up going with a custom pricing method cuz i figured out how to do that
and that wasn't doing exactly what I wanted, although i proly just did something wrong