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Aug 2016
Aug 28 2016 09:52
@gohanman Not urgent, just curious if/when you plan to create the next branch like version-2.2 & am curious if the customer display changes will be included. Then I can switch from master to that branch and spend 15 or 20hrs installing, then mainly testing lane with Cust Display, Coin Dispenser, Autototal, etc.
Don't wanna spend too many hours chasing transient, ever changing bugs from being on master :P
Andy Theuninck
Aug 28 2016 13:06
Ideally early September. My own release cycle testing isn't going to hit a lot of the stuff you're interested in though. The production lanes I deploy new code to still won't have customer displays, coin dispensers, etc
Aug 28 2016 16:19
Yeah, hence why I'll spend some time testing it
See if I can't route out the remaning bugs