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Oct 2016
Oct 04 2016 06:47
Just curious, would you have any interest in improving the touchscreen support such that an image could be added for each item in Fannie or in the instant item add in Lane? Or make it easier/simpler to configure the touchscreen menus, more WYSIWYG?
I've got examples from Logivision for their slick WYSIWYG toucscreen builder
Theirs seemed better than Loc or NCR's from my research
Andy Theuninck
Oct 04 2016 15:17
Images would be a reasonable addition (logistically, I think having a small filesize limit and stuffing them direct in the base for base64 display would be the easiest way to configure images centrally and then distribute them to client lanes). I have no idea what you mean by "instant item add" though. I'd accept PRs for a WYSIWYG editor but have no real interest in building one myself.