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Dec 2014
Dec 08 2014 00:00
Im going through each line, and if I can delete an entry, I mark it for deletion
actually I don't know what i need help on but ill let you know
Dec 08 2014 00:15
im passing some of the good tests
i think i finished constant propagation
as well as dead code elimination
everytime you make a change, do you have to go through the ICArray and re track the variables
Dec 08 2014 03:04
Everytime the code changes I would think the variables would need to be retracked. Because the line numbers and everything would change.
Dec 08 2014 21:11
Hey guys I'm having a real tough time with declare. For some reason whenever it goes into compiletubeic, the function body is null.
But i set checks when I am actually creating the new function and set the body and it works.